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Veteran brings skill, discipline to JPMorgan Chase Veteran brings skill, discipline to JPMorgan Chase
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Veteran brings skill, discipline to JPMorgan Chase

When Jaylin Thomas was called for duty in Afghanistan, she served as part of the Police Advisory Team, training local and national police forces in different areas.

"We would go out and meet with some of the female police officers," Thomas says, "and they were always very kind to us. They would give us shawls and other little gifts. They made me feel very proud of the work that I was doing."

Thomas has served in the United States Army National Guard since 2010, and at JPMorgan Chase since 2014. She is currently deployed and is grateful for the supportive managers she has at JPMorgan Chase. "They've been behind me 100 percent," she says.

As a Know Your Customer Specialist in the Corporate and Investment Bank, Thomas' role helps the firm to better serve clients, while also fulfilling regulatory and legal obligations. On a daily basis she uses many of the same skills she developed in the military: discipline, a strong work ethic and the ability to always be ready.

Thomas is one of the more than 10,000 veterans and service members JPMorgan Chase has hired since 2011. Their training, leadership and character bring tremendous value and unique qualifications to the firm and the clients and communities served around the world.

Watch the video and learn more about how Thomas balances her National Guard service with a successful career at JPMorgan Chase.

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