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Your money habits, as explained by your zodiac sign

Let the stars guide you toward better saving and spending habits.

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The way we spend money reflects a lot about us—our tastes, aspirations, guilty pleasures, and deepest values. Most of all, it reveals the habits and behavioral choices that make us who we are. Many of these traits are shaped by our upbringing. But our zodiac signs also have a surprising amount of influence on how often we're swiping that credit card.

As part of its 2018 Credit Outlook survey, Chase Slate investigated just that, interviewing more than 2,000 millennials to find common themes in spending and saving habits amongst the 12 astrological sun signs.

In my work, I do the same: helping people heal their finances, I'm constantly looking at correlations between their astrology and their habits, motivations, and blocks around money. Outfitted with Chase Slate's survey results, I've compiled a spending profile for each zodiac sign geared towards helping you understand yourself— and your wallet—a little bit better.

Whether you're a security-driven Cancer or an impulse-driven Sagittarius, take a look to see what your sun sign says about how you spend your dollars. The only bad spending is spending that isn't aligned with your values and priorities.


No surprise here: Chase Slate found that Aries work hard, play hard, and spend hard. In fact, if it's not hard, you're probably not interested. You love to hunt things down and can be extremely good at thrifting and sifting through racks for an incredible find at an amazing price. When you want something, you find a way to get it, even if it means knocking down the door with your head—or your wallet. For a high-energy Aries, the key to success lies in putting some of that intensity towards your savings goals as well as your spending.

Found spending on: Gifts for your bae du jour, boxing-gym membership, fancy new combat boots.


Tauruses follow what feels good in the moment, often developing their identity by deciding what they like and dislike. You're tempted by anything that brings personal pleasure and take great delight in being surrounded by high-quality objects that reflect your personal standards and desires. Since you consider everything in your carefully cultivated inner sphere to be precious, you love to take care of the things, places, and people that are closest. When not giving in to spending urges, the survey shows, Tauruses also appreciate and prioritize savings. Remembering that life has to feel good not only now but for the long game can help you prepare for the future, while enjoying the present.

Found spending on: Takeout, takeout, and high-thread-count sheets to eat all that takeout on.


Geminis want to experience every single thing this world has to offer and would prefer if it could happen as soon as humanly possible. They're the ultimate shape-shifters and have the gift of navigating many different worlds. You'll go to great lengths in pursuit of what is new, because to the twins, being exposed to experiences that will help you learn is what life is all about. You might have multiple personalities, but you only have one financial reality, Gemini, so stay centered in it.

You get a rep for being flighty, but the cold hard facts say you are surprisingly good at saving for things that matter to you, in order to have the cash to help finance your next pursuit. Decide what your next couple of thrills are going to be, and set up a short-term savings plan to fuel the journey.

Found spending on: Tinder Gold, concert tickets, too many ride shares


For you, my tender crab, it's what's on the inside—not the outside—that counts. Creating a sanctuary is always going to be your number one financial priority. The shelter of a warm nest fortifies you to bring your nurturing healing light out into the world. Cancers spend big on items that they perceive to create safety and comfort, whether or not those purchases align with their larger vision. They can also be prone to impulsive spending. Your deep craving for security is your guiding light, but make sure to look at the whole picture before you follow.

Put in the time to deeply listen to your feelings and truly understand your needs before spending on them. Ask yourself: Is there a less expensive way to get my need met right now? Be intentional in the ways you comfort yourself so that you get the most bang for your buck.

Found spending on: Houseplants, even more herbal tea, gorgeous handmade ceramics, pastries, and all of the streaming subscriptions


Leos make life look good. You lions are grandiose in everything you do, and spending is no exception. Luckily, you're able to use all that natural shine to earn the dollars you need to stunt as hard as you'd like to. Your tight circle is extremely important to you, and you like to show your dedication and loyalty to those you love by spending generously on them. It's important to you to be witnessed in your generosity, as external acknowledgement acts as a confirmation that you are seen as the loving, caring creature you truly are.

Lions are also the most likely of the zodiac to use credit to make purchases. When you take action, you always have a creative plan in place, and you like to do things in the long term. Use that dedication and follow through to build credit responsibly and create a credit score that's as great as you are.

Found spending on: Another round of drinks, going out outfits, lingerie, anything that looks great on Instagram


Virgo pretty much has financial management on lock. You're all about color-coded spreadsheets, tiered savings accounts, and budgeting apps. But that detail wrangling isn't just an exercise in control-freakiness—it's in service of something larger than yourself. You have a tendency to save money in order to donate to an organization or cause that is dear to you. This commitment to your principles keeps your finances in check, and it can be hard for you to understand when the rest of us mere mortals struggle to keep our spending in alignment with our values. Make sure that all your hard work pays off by investing some of your savings, to ensure that you act in service of your future self as well as your community.

Found spending on: Indulgences for your pet, vintage clothing, candles, everybody's crowdfunding campaigns


Libra, if you haven't shopped for hair-care products in the past 48 hours, you should probably have someone check your pulse. In fact, I suspect you may be keeping entire online shopping platforms afloat. If it looks good, feels good, or sounds good, Libra wants it. As a child of Venus, beauty and pleasure are at the center of all that you do and all that you are.

Not surprisingly, you maintain this remarkable balance with poise and leave the rest of us wondering how you made it look so graceful. It can be hard to say no to a purchase that you just know will make your life lovelier, but stay focused on bringing some of your infamous peacekeeping skills to your financial life. It's all in the name of your world being a more beautiful place.

Found spending on: Champagne, flowers, luxury botanical skin-care products, several bottles of sparkling water a day


You hate it when anyone tries to understand you, Scorpio, but just let us try! You value strategy, control, and feeling one step ahead, and bringing this mentality to your money will keep you set for the future. In the game of finances, you always play to win. In the survey, Scorpios reported that they try to save regularly and spend on just the essentials. Use some of that vision and drive to start early on saving for retirement and other strategic financial goals.

Found spending on: That therapist you think you're smarter than, black coffee, and even more black clothes


Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansiveness, is always shining upon you, Sag. This makes it easier for you than most to ask for big things from the universe and to gamble on co-creating those visions. You tend to spend on things that will broaden your personal experience of the world, such as travel, education, and entrepreneurship. Most Sags surveyed expressed that they make an effort to talk about money with others.

Archers need to have a big picture and an intellectual framework in order to make sense of the world, and the best way for you to learn something is by teaching it. You also have the challenge of learning the difference between being spontaneous and being impulsive. In order to temper those impulsive urges, ask yourself if each individual purchase fits in with your financial philosophy before you buy. If it's an investment in the big picture of your life, make sure you do some thinking on what the return on investment is likely to be before committing.

Found spending on: Metaphysical books and travel guides, impulse buys for instant gratification, literally the first thing you see


According to Chase Slate's 2018 Credit Outlook Survey, 80 percent of millennial Capricorns have a budget, far surpassing any other sun sign. And you might even be sticking to it! Capricorns only feel safe when they're climbing to the top. You want to work hard, then save for the expensive version of something (ideally purchased on sale). You're not interested in flimsy products or short-lived trends. While you often stress about spending and savings, most Caps do not stress about earning, because you know you've got it handled.

The sea goat knows that living your best life also includes feeling secure in your future. Pay attention to that and get your financial affairs in order with a plan that has contingencies for all your aspirations.

Found spending on: Groceries to meal plan, your business, a bargain


The survey found that Aquarians are super focused on saving, which is no surprise given that you like to hang back and consider a situation before jumping in. That natural big-picture perspective allows you to weigh the merits of a purchase prior to spending and helps bring a long-term-planning outlook to your finances.

Being the most community minded of the zodiac, you know that your own financial health is intricately interwoven with that of the collective, and you work hard to keep yourself afloat and be able to provide support to others who may be struggling. It's of the utmost importance to you to have the space and freedom to be your full self. Remember that discipline in the short term brings the most freedom in the long term, and focus on building lasting financial freedom for yourself.

Found spending on: New electronics, sci-fi anything, supporting local artists, vegan nail polish, alternative healthcare treatments


The cosmic fish swims through human life with a deep sense of purpose. You often don't care about material things, but find that your natural state of flow and magnetism keeps money headed your way. Pisces are incredible manifestors, and turning a little conscious focus to your finances can be strangely powerful. Follow your intuition as a guide, but make sure not to lose touch with the details of your schemes. The earth journey is the one you are currently on, even if you feel much more in touch with the cosmos.

Research says you place great value in having a financial plan in place for the future—just keep an eye out for any tendencies that might sabotage your intentions and work with a financial coach or an accountability partner to keep from floating too far out to sea.

Found spending on: Crystals, online astrology courses, art supplies, every single tarot deck, huge shawls that double as blankets

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