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Buying a new car just got easier thanks to Chase Auto Direct

How to find and finance the car of your dreams

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Need a new car but dreading the process to buy your car? You're not alone. Forty-six percent of car owners would rather clean a toilet than shop for a car, according to an study. And eighty-five percent of car buyers are shopping online. But less than 1 percent of people were satisfied with the current car buying process

Introducing Chase Auto Direct— a faster, simpler and smarter online resource to improve the traditional car buying process that benefits both the customer and dealer. Chase Auto Direct, the new Chase Car Buying Service that utilizes TrueCar's platform, simplifies the journey for consumers by allowing them to seamlessly select a car, a dealer and apply for financing.

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Whether you're a first-time car buyer or planning a retirement splurge, Chase Auto Direct puts you in control of the car-buying process. Buying a new car just got easier, thanks to this one-stop shop for finding and financing your next vehicle.

TrueCar disclosure: The Chase Car Buying Service is provided by TrueCar. Chase is not responsible for their products and services, claims, or website content.

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