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What it's like to live in a multigenerational household? What it's like to live in a multigenerational household?
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What it's like to live in a multigenerational household?

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After decades of decline, multigenerational households are making a comeback. Today, more than one in five Americans live in a home with three or more generations under one roof...and the numbers are rising.

It's not hard to see why extended families are moving back in together: from rent to child care, utilities to meals, living with multiple generations of your family can cut costsand extend your support structure. To find out more about the benefits and challenges of multigenerational living, we spoke to Olivia Figueroa, a single mother of two. She and her parents bought a house large enough to enable three generations of their family to live under one roof. Here are some of the keys she found to building a successful multigenerational household.

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