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Focus on Cash Flow

We're focused on giving you insight to power your business, news and stories you care about and advice to reach your business goals. Here's a look at the economic news that affects how you make your cash flow work for you.

IN THE NEWS: Interest Rates and Your Money

More cash going out than coming in at the moment? Thinking about borrowing? Timing may be key. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has vowed to raise rates as the economy improves, and recent labor market indicators suggest gathering strength.

The U.S. Department of Labor says employers created 173,000 new jobs during August, the latest in a string of months in which the number of new jobs grew faster than the population. At the same time, volatility in the markets may have an affect on the Fed's plans as well.

Not interested in borrowing, but looking to take your business to the next level? We put together, with the help of some experts, ways to find money when you're looking to expand.

ON MAIN STREET: Businesses putting their money to work

How much money did it take to start your business? Inc. magazine asked CEOs about their business investment, their venture capital strategy and how long they waited before taking a paycheck. Read their story and infographic.

IN THE CORNER OFFICE: Economic Insight and Business Inspiration

JPMorgan Chase Head Economist Jim Glassman explains that a decrease in capital investment — the money invested in a firm to boost business objectives — has some worried that U.S. businesses are losing confidence in the recovery.

But he says it's not time to worry yet. Glassman calculates that intellectual property investment now generates a record 9 percent of GDP growth. He says spending on tech-related services like software comprise nearly a third of total capital investment by corporations, a dramatic shift from the 1980s when plant and equipment spending dominated. Glassman also argues this shift has helped cushion the drop-off in energy related investment and says growth is stronger than headline figures suggest. Read his full explanation.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Investment: What would you do if another company copied your logo or packaging? How much have you done to protect the intellectual property of your business? The SBA offers resources to get you started.


The physical movement of cash to and from your business is an important part of your daily operation, and critical to your growth. What's the best way to manage it? How do you track it and keep the cash coming in? Read The Explainer.


Maybe the best way to keep cash flow positive … is to use someone else's cash.

Entrepreneur and entertainer Nick Cannon created Ncredible Entertainment, a one-stop shop for artists and entertainers, through hard work and determination. We asked him what he wished he knew when he started out.

Use other people's money! No I'm serious, I wish I hadn't invested so much of my own money initially, but you need to take risks if you believe in yourself."

Cannon is just one of the few business owners who shared stories with us.

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