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A Pick That Nearly Shut Down a Dallas Bar

The opening night of The Rustic bar and restaurant in Dallas, Texas, should have been a cause for celebration for the owners Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz, but instead, it became a cause for concern.

With plenty of competition in the area, The Rustic owners knew they needed an aggressive plan to grab potential patrons' attention. To do so, they enlisted a little help from one of the country's most famous singers.

Armed with nothing but his pick, guitar, and vocal chords, this singer began to draw crowds during that unseasonably hot day in October. Dozens soon turned to hundreds and temperatures in the bar began to rise.

Owners Kyle and Josh watched as guests stood shoulder-to-shoulder in sweltering heat, as the atmosphere went from electric to unbearable. The owners knew they'd needed to take action to keep those crowds coming back.

They needed a ventilation system that would handle their larger-than-average venue, which meant an industrial sized cooling system that would be rather expensive for the new business. And, they'd need it in time for the next Saturday night – which can be make or break for a growing bar. Thankfully, Kyle and Josh bank with Chase for Business and their Ink Business Card gave them the flexibility they needed to purchase the cooling system. Planning ahead to the winter months, they were even able to secure a heating system with the same Ink Business Card, putting them in front of the chilly season. Uncontrollable weather was no longer an issue for Kyle and Josh and The Rustic was back in business.

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