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How one entrepreneur learned to budget as a single mom How one entrepreneur learned to budget as a single mom
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How one entrepreneur learned to budget as a single mom

Modern Money Matters is Refinery29 and Chase's exploration of what the modern American family really looks like—from starting a family to moving—and what it actually costs to make it all happen.

There isn't a standard, cookie-cutter path to motherhood (seriously, we know). And, as you're blazing your own path to building a family, it's important to create a lifestyle that works for you.

To get a first-hand look at the changing face of motherhood, we sat down with single mom Amanda Freeman, the founder and CEO of fitness program SLT. On the way to developing a life that worked for her, she discovered the value of planning for the future—and being open to new possibilities. Learn how her journey gave her the things she wanted—and some opportunities that she never imagined.

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