millennial women, credit worth, buying a home, boutique fitness, smart investments African American woman sitting at a counter with coffee and a croissant while laughing on the phone. African American woman sitting at a counter with coffee and a croissant while laughing on the phone. African American woman sitting at a counter with coffee and a croissant while laughing on the phone. African American woman sitting at a counter with coffee and a croissant while laughing on the phone.
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What young women should know about money

The new generation of young women is changing the way we talk about money. Young single women are buying homes in record numbers, driving the gig economy with a host of side hustles, and transforming the job market as they pursue their professional and personal dreams. As old ideas about the roles of the sexes shatter, they're transforming the way everyone—men and women—thinks about how to make the most of their money.

Whether you're on the front lines of the transformation, or are just looking for inspiration for your own money moves, here are some of our top stories on how women are changing the world—and how you can join them.

Why women need to talk about financial health

It's easy to forget about your finances, only checking in when it's time to think about big purchases, like a home or a vacation. But building good financial habits can make you happier, healthier, and more secure. Here are some tips for turning healthy finances into a way of life.

This is what millennial women say is holding them back from dream jobs

As young women climb the business ladder, many are looking beyond traditional corporate jobs and focusing on becoming their own bosses. Here's a glimpse at their goals, and some of the ways they're working to realize their ambitions.

I'm a single Latina and CFO of my own life

When it comes to money, sometimes you have to get tough. Here are insights from a young woman who took a hard line on her finances—and showed herself who was boss.

Eight ways to manage the cost of boutique fitness

Being budget conscious doesn't mean you have to cut out your favorite fitness classes. Here are eight ways to enjoy them without going broke.

How this millennial woman bought a home on her own

Last year, 17 percent of homebuyers were single women. Here's a look at how one of them took a leap—and created a home for herself.

How I got myself credit worthy

Thinking about buying a house? Take a look at advice from real-life mortgage applicants who increased their credit scores.

A student builds her own path with hard work

Even if you have a small salary, you can still have a big life. Watch—and read about—this young woman's story for making the most of every dollar.

What to do with your wedding cash

All those little wedding day envelopes can really add up. Find out how to turn your one-day windfall into a foundation for a life that you can share.

How to buy your first car

Dropping big bucks on an auto can be nerve-wracking—especially if you don't know much about cars. Here are six tips for making a smart purchase.

Five ways to get your finances under control in 30 days

Think a month isn't enough time to fix your finances? These five easy steps will give you a head start on improving your financial life.

You're in the gig economy. Here's how to save

More people are building "side hustles" in addition to their regular work. If you're interested in joining the "gig economy"—or are already an established member—these strategies will help you make the most of your freelance money.

Smart investment habits for millennials

Whether you're starting your first job or are well established in your career, here's a list of investment habits that will last you a lifetime.

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