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Key tips on managing work-life balance (and money) Key tips on managing work-life balance (and money)
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Key tips on managing work-life balance (and money)

The following article is part of "Real Money/Real Talk," a series presented by Chase Slate in which people share stories of how their personal finances have evolved.

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For Chase Slate Ambassador Farnoosh Torabi, life is a juggling act. "I'm a personal finance expert and a highly caffeinated mother of two," she says. "I am multitasking constantly. Just getting my sons shoes on can be a marathon."

Having one stop where she can streamline payments helps her manage the different parts of her life and finances. Keeping things in perspective also helps. "There are many ways to define success, and the beauty of that is that it's different for everyone," she says. "You have to find what works for you."

Here are four other tips she recommends for managing work, life and money:

1. Don't wait for the weekend: Don't wait until Saturday to dive into your favorite activities and hobbies. Instead, schedule exercise, concerts and classes like any other appointment. In addition to giving you a chance to indulge your interests, setting aside time for outside activities can energize your day—and help ensure that you don't linger at work late into the evening.

2. Reevaluate your spending—even the little things: Small expenses can creep up on you. At least once or twice a year, review all your financial commitments to be sure you're not spending money on things you don't need or that don't align with your goals.

3. Practice mindfulness every day: Taking time out—even five minutes—to stop and meditate can help calm you down and improve your focus.

4. Tame your inbox: Responding to emails as they trickle in can interrupt your workflow. Instead, try logging on only once an hour—and gradually cut your visits down to a few times a day. The extra time will help you focus on your task at hand.

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