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Creating your summer bucket list

Share-worthy activities to savor this season

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The following is part of a broader series meant to inspire rewarding and fun summer activities following the recent launch of Freedom Unlimited.

Summer days may be longer, but they go by so quickly. That's why making a must-do list helps you make the most of the warmer weather. Whatever you choose to do, here are some timely ideas this summer to get you started. Use your Freedom Unlimited card to earn 1.5% cash back on anything you buy:

picnic table

Whip Up a Picnic

Too hot or too far for the beach? Choose a shady spot, spread out a blanket and treat the special people in your life to a picnic. Make it romantic with champagne and poetry, or just plain fun with family games and recreation.

For less work and more play, pick up carry-out or even call on gourmet delivery services.

Group of people having drinks in backyard

Throw a Summer Party

You don't have to worry about cleaning your house when invite everyone outside to revel in the warm days and balmy nights.

Whether you're hosting co-workers, neighbors, family or friends, take advantage of the extra daylight in your own backyard. Make it memorable with music, movies, and delicious dishes everyone can enjoy. And many guests are happy to pitch in with the food.

Image of ferris wheel

Head to the Boardwalk

Relish the sound of your sandals slapping against the wood as you take a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk with your partner or the whole family. From rides and arcades to sweet treats and reinvented souvenir shops, the boardwalk offers a little something for everyone.

Mother and son

Bond with Your Family

Take advantage of school-free months to explore a museum, take a road trip or just play games in the backyard or local park.

Your kids will be star pupils in the fall when they write "How I Spent My Summer" essays about what they really treasure—time spent with you.

Mosic lovers at concert

Go to a Concert or Music Festival

It's fun to crank up the tunes in the car, but there's nothing like live music.

One-night stops, community concerts and summer music festivals all give you a chance to groove along with fellow music lovers and discover new bands and styles. Fans of rock, country, folk, heavy metal, and everything in between become an extended family.

Man is paiting a wall while woman is watching

Take on a Home Improvement Project

Use the sunshine as inspiration to spruce up your home. Even simple changes can make a major difference and allow your family to have more fun at home, and save some money if you go the energy-efficient route.

Bike trail

Find the Perfect Bike Trail

Consider pedaling off your regular route to discover unexplored trails. You never know what you'll find along the way and you'll get a great workout—all while soaking up the beauty of the world outside your window.

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