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Nick Cannon: The Making of a Master Multitasker

From Entrepreneur to Entertainer to Designer, How He Gets It All Done

Nick Cannon knows how to work a crowd. Not just the millions who have watched him on stage, but the growing number of consumers he appeals to with his Ncredible Entertainment brand.

Through hard work and determination, Cannon created Ncredible as a one-stop shop for artists and entertainers. It's a business that keeps him on the go, traveling between the company's offices in New York and Los Angeles.

It also requires a lot of attention. On any given day, he could be creating the perfect track for his newest artist, meeting with designers to discuss his Ncredible headphones, finding content for the Ncredible tablet or meeting with media executives to discuss his latest film or television project.

As a multitasking entrepreneur, Cannon wears many different hats – and ties.

When he isn't in behind-the-scenes media strategy sessions, he's developing new styles for his affordable neckwear line. It's not just a clothing company with Cannon's name attached to it. He's fully immersed in it.

Being a master multitasker may not be easy, but Cannon knows how to make it work. See how he manages his businesses, and how Chase helps, in the accompanying video.

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