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It's Hard to Lead a Business Without Delegating

Letting Others Handle the Details Frees You to See the Big Picture

"You need to resist, as an entrepreneur, the urge to do everything," says Ronnie Ram, president and CEO of InspiriaMedia, a New York marketing firm.

When we asked Ram and other business leaders to share their thoughts on delegation, they agreed that it's essential to find the right people to complement their own strengths and lead other parts of the organization.

"I'm not a pharmacist," says Catherine Cloudman, chief financial officer at Apothecary by Design, a pharmacy services company in Portland. Maine. "I'm not clinically trained. I'm on the business side, and so I know very clearly to stay out of the clinicians' way."

When you delegate the day-to-day duties, said Nick Simard, vice president and co-founder at InspiriaMedia, "you're running the business and figuring out how that next level of growth is going to happen."

Watch the video for more advice about delegating and managing.

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