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Buying a New Home: Getting Started

"My New Home" Videos Present Insight & Advice

“There's nothing like having my own home," Tiana says. “Every time I come home and I'm pushing my button to my garage, I get really excited because it's mine."

Are you ready to own a home? It's not for everyone, but if it's right for you, home ownership can bring many advantages.

In these My New Home videos from Chase, see what you need to know to begin the process of looking for a home, with answers to questions like these:

    · Should you rent or buy?

    · How much can you afford to spend?

    · How much of a down payment should you make?

    · What factors will be considered when you apply for a loan?

The more you know in advance, the better chance you'll have of getting the home you want.

“If we didn't know how much money we could spend or how much we were approved for," Amy says, “other people were kind of stepping in and making bids. It was just a good idea to have all of that ready."

Watch the My New Home: Getting Started videos to begin your home-buying journey.

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