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How a Chase ATM united a fallen soldier's mother with his comrade

ATMs are known for dispensing funds, but the Wolfer family never could have guessed it would mean more than a transaction for them.

Len and Esther Wolfer lost their son, Army Maj. Stuart A. Wolfer, when he was fatally wounded during an attack in Baghdad, in April 2008. It wasn't until several years later, when the Wolfer family saw Army Maj. Stuart A. Wolfer's name on an image of a backpack on the machine.

The picture was part of a promotion for Carry The Load, the nonprofit that raises awareness and resources to honor America's veteran heroes. And the backpack belonged to the fallen soldier's comrade, Glen Dare, who lived more than a thousand miles away in Texas, and who was carrying the fallen soldier's name to honor his valor and memory.

Chase helped unite the Wolfer family with Dare, and they were able to reignite the late Army major's memory—and keep his spirit alive.

In preparation for Memorial Day, tens of thousands of people are walking across the country, carrying the load of military, law enforcement, firefighters and first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and serving our country. Carry The Load is honoring these heroes all month long with its National Relay.

JPMorgan Chase is a key sponsor of this important event, and thousands of the firm's employees participating in the series of relays and rallies taking place across the US through Memorial Day. The 31-day, 6,200-mile National Relay is comprised of an Eastern route—from West Point, New York to Dallas—and Western route, from Seattle to Dallas.

Anyone can get involved, whether to participate in a relay or rally, to dedicate an activity to a fallen solider or first responder, or to share their story about whom they're honoring using the hashtag #CarryTheLoad. For more information about how you can participate, visit

JPMorgan Chase has supported veterans since before World War I. The JPMorgan Chase Military and Veterans Affairs program was created in 2011 to work closely with the company's business, government and non-profit organizational partners to support veterans. Already, the firm has hired more than 11,000 veterans, and awarded more than 900 mortgage-free homes to military families.

To learn more about the JPMorgan Chase Military and Veterans Affairs program, visit:

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