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Growing a Business: It's About Finding the Right People Growing a Business: It's About Finding the Right People
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Small Business

Sustaining Growth

Growing a Business: It's About Finding the Right People

Leaders Explain How They Hire and Develop Talent for Maximum Success

When we asked small business owners about the key to growing their organizations, they said it comes down to recruiting and nurturing talent.

"Finding the right people is hard," says Nick Auletta, vice president of Summit Security Services in New York. "You're constantly trying to find someone that's going to be engaged with your vision, the vision of the company (and) want to be a part of it."

In this video, hear how Auletta and other business leaders find and evaluate talented employees and keep them meaningfully engaged so that their organizations can grow successfully.

"People have to have trust in you, and you have trust in them," says Michael Dash, president of Parallel HR Solutions, a technical and financial staffing firm based in Salt Lake City.

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