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Your Money

Understand Your Finances

A note from the Chase Newsroom's Managing Editor

In 2015, we launched Chase News & Stories, a digital platform to explore various aspects of Americans' financial lives. We've been driven by the belief that Chase, as the nation's largest bank, has a responsibility to help you make informed financial decisions. In the digital age, we're oversaturated with information about money—and not all of it's reliable. Chase has a unique, important role to play in providing authoritative, accessible stories that, hopefully, cut through the noise.

Today, our stories are a vital part of the experience of Chase.com's nearly 40 million daily users. The world is changing quickly. So are we.

Earlier this year, we introduced revamped sections, including Your Money, Your Life, Bold Leaders, Small Business, and Community. Our Small Business section, for example, will continue to show how inspiring entrepreneurs navigate financial challenges—and provide helpful tips to manage and grow their businesses. Plus, you'll see several new features, including "Money Matters," in which we'll unpack economic and financial trends, and events. We'll provide original analysis from some of the world's leading economists and financial thinkers—many of whom work for Chase. We'll also introduce you to ordinary Americans, whose experiences—and stories—will teach us so many things about how our relationship with money is evolving.

Many of the stories will be developed by our growing team of writers, editors and producers, who've been trained at some of the world's best media organizations. But many stories will find a home with our media partners. With Vox, we've developed stories that explain how different generations think about money. The stories we've built with Business Insider provide fundamental financial tips. And with The Players' Tribune, professional athletes share personal lessons on the value of sacrifice, and planning for a solid financial future.

The truth is, money impacts every part of our lives: the neighborhoods we live in, the homes we buy, the cars we drive, where we work, how we shop, when we travel, and even the health of our personal relationships. We'll explore all these topics, and more.

Let us know what you think.

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