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Money and parenting: Saving tips for new parents

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Chase and Parents have teamed up to create a series to help new and expectant parents navigate the financial challenges that arise when having a baby. Explore our tips to help you make the most of your money as your family grows.

Chase is celebrating National Savings Week January 22nd through January 28th. Our series aims to provide tips and insights for saving today, tomorrow, and in-between.

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6 savings tips for new parents from experienced parents

Managing the costs that come with a new baby can be daunting. Other parents are a great resource for insider savings tips, on everything from diapers to college savings.

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Ask a Mom: How to prepare for your growing family

There are many exciting things to look forward to when it comes to becoming a new parent. But there are also things that may seem overwhelming, including figuring out how to finance your growing family. These moms provide simple tips to help save money.

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A guide to setting up the nursery without breaking the bank

Setting up a safe and stylish nursery can be a big expense, but there are ways to do it without going broke. Stick to the basics, keep decorating simple and splurge wisely.

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Ask a Mom: Biggest surprise expense

From formula expenses to stroller sticker shock, these moms share some of the most surprising expenses they had when becoming new parents.

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Ask a Mom: How new moms can save

Finding ways to save money after having a baby, can be challenging. However, new moms realize that every little bit helps, with these tips to help you save.

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New parents, new purchases: Getting your credit in check

When you're expecting a baby, your credit may be the last thing on your mind, but it shouldn’t be. It's a big part of your financial security so you can plan for your family's needs. Here's how to make sure you're on track.

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Ask a Mom: How to get your home ready for your new arrival

If you're a new parent, you have to figure out how you can create a space that's welcoming to your newborn. It's all about understanding your space. These moms provide some simple tips to update your home.

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The costs of parenting: Stay at home or return to work?

From childcare costs to the challenges of being a working parent, there's a lot to consider if you take a few years off to raise your child. Here are some insights to help make the right decision for your situation.

Illustration of money factors for having a baby

Money moves for every new family

These five tips will help prepare you for what's next when you have a baby. Planning is key and it’s important that your finances are adjusted so you can enjoy your new arrival.

mom with twins

Single-income families: 6 secrets to help make ends meet

For many families, the idea of getting by on one salary may seem daunting, but it can be reality when you're raising children. Here are six strategies for staying afloat from single and stay-at-home-parents.

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