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Planning for the Retirement Lifestyle You Want

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Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life, though odds are, you'll still want to retire. Whether it's spending more time with the family or a well-deserved change, retirement is something almost everyone can agree on. The challenge is making it work economically.

More than ever, you need a plan to make retirement viable. Slower-than-expected economic growth since 2008 has kept interest rates near record lows, helping borrowers while hurting savers. So, can we still plan for the retirement lifestyle that we've always wanted, the smart way? The answer is the preparation.

Infographic: Evaluate & Plan

There's a Strategy for Every Age

30-Something: If you start saving in a 401(k) now you may be able to create some financial freedom for yourself later in life.

Infographic: The 30 Year Old's Focus

40-Something: You have the advantage of experience. You probably know what you spend and can get serious about budgeting.

Infographic: The 40 Something's Focus

50-Something: IRAs enable savers over 50 to invest an additional $6,500 on a tax-deffered basis.

Infographic: The 50 Something's Focus

Additional Savings Options

401(k) and IRS plans are sometimes supplemented with additional saving accounts for extended opportunities for wealth.

As with all retirement plans, consult a certified financial planner and a tax professional. The key is to create a plan, adjust it as often as your life's goals evolve, and stick to it.

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