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Small Business

Growing Your Business

5 stories that will help you scale your business

Maybe you started out small with, say, one storefront or a single service. But you're doing well—really well—and just may think it's time to scale up.

Choose what’s right for your business

Growing your business is exciting, but you can also run into many potentially daunting (or, okay, downright terrifying) decisions on the horizon that come with building a new location, varying your offerings or whatever expansion means to you. Without the right strategy and knowledge, you could miss your best opportunity to expand, or bet on a less fruitful path.

Whether you're looking for capital, partnership, opportunity or a new strategy to take your business into the next, bigger phase, start by reading these essential pieces.

Tap credit to grow and thrive

As a small business owner, you're likely familiar with financing. But there's always more to learn. Whatever your knowledge level, it's clear that the more you can understand about seeking business credit, the better positioned you'll be to finance your dreams.

Ready to take your business global?

For some business owners, expansion means going international. Understand what you need to know about taking your company abroad.

Find the right relationships to help your small business thrive

Building a strong network can open you up to opportunities you might not even know about yet. Savvy entrepreneurs take advantage of their expertise, personal identities and other unique characteristics to make new connections.

Spring clean your business to promote growth

Just like a home, clutter can build up in a business, both within your physical space and also your processes. These six steps will help you clean up shop.

Mid-stage business financing: get to the next level

Part of scaling a business often means finding a way to secure more money. Investment capital is one option to get your company the cash infusion it needs.

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