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How small businesses can benefit from big data

The following article is part of the Small Business Ad Academy, a series that offers timely advice on marketing and social media for small businesses, presented by Chase Ink®.

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No business is too small to take advantage of big data.

Big data refers to the massive amounts of data that businesses collect from their own business processes and from their customers. It includes data from traditional and digital sources like transaction information, financial records, website analytics, social media analytics, and much more.

Until very recently, such data could be used only by the giants. Now, thanks to decreasing technology costs and new tools that display complex databases in ways even technophobes could love, smaller companies can unlock many more secrets from mining this information.

When leveraged intelligently, big data can reveal incredibly useful trends and patterns that can lead to huge improvements in a company's marketing strategy.

So how can small businesses benefit from big data? 

Infographic: Big-data benefits

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