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Small Business

Finance Your Business

Tap credit to grow and thrive

Whether it's a springboard for expansion, an investment in efficiency, or a short-term lifeline during a cash dry spell, most business owners will need financing at some point.

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The more you know before you start the credit-seeking process, the greater the chance of getting what you need. That's because pursuing the right type of financing at the right time is often the key to locking it in.

The steps outlined in these Chase Business Banking resources can also help you strengthen your business's overall financial health. Best of all, they can give you a glimpse into what lenders care about most when making decisions about credit.

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How to choose the right type of credit for your business

Loans, lines of credit and equipment financing are just a few funding options. Find the one that's right for you as the type of financing you obtain is one of the most important business decisions you will make.

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7 steps to getting a business loan

Timing and preparation are everything when it comes to finding financing. Use this checklist to create an action plan to improve your financial footing and build a compelling case to lenders.

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4 signs that your business needs financing

The earlier you can anticipate the need for a loan or line of credit, the better your chances may be of getting one. Learn what to look out for, so you can start at the right time.

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