Making an Offer Video Transcript

Video Transcript: Making an offer

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Onscreen: Making an offer

Description: (music) Amy is sitting in a chair, with a bright green wall behind her. There is shelving and various office-type items on the shelves as a backdrop.

Onscreen: Amy, Real Estate Agent

Amy: When you're thinking about what to offer on a house, you found the house, you love it, you want to buy it, how do we figure out what a good offer is? A lot of homework goes into that. I can help you determine what's going on in the market, where that house is priced. Does it make sense for what the current market conditions are showing us and telling us? Is it priced too high or is it priced right? And then from there, making the best offer you can so the seller wants to work with you.

Onscreen: Stephanie, Real Estate Agent

Description: Stephanie is sitting in a cream-colored leather chair in what appears to be an office. The wall behind her is brick, with closed black shutters behind her.

Stephanie: You want the offer to be clean, you want to ask for the important things. You don't want to nit-pick on the offer. You don't want to give the listing agent too many things to counter you back at if you're going to be in a multiple offer situation or if it's a very competitive situation. Whenever I write an offer, I give the agent, the listing agent, everything that they need, so they want to pick my offer. I will include verification of funds via bank statement from my client, verification of a credit report of my client, and a written pre-approval letter and I usually ask my client, or I help them write a letter about themselves.

Amy: You don't want to go in so low that that the seller's just not even going to communicate, and that will happen if you go too low.

Onscreen: Mario & Krystel, Homebuyers

Description: This couple is sitting in green room at a table, with a curtained window behind them.

Mario: Don't insult people with your offers. Your offers need to be realistic and they need to be somewhat beneficial for the seller. Because the moment you come in with a low-ball offer people lose respect for you.

Krystel: They're going to look at you and laugh.

Mario: And it's hard to gain respect of a seller back once you've thrown in an offer like that. They stop taking you seriously. (music)

Onscreen: Making an offer
Market conditions are a big factor
Do research with your real estate agent
Starting too low may turn off the seller
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