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Video Transcript: The final walk-through

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The final walk-through

Description: The scene opens with the view of Real Estate Lawyer, Julie sitting in her office and speaking.

Julie: After the seller moves out, but before you actually close on the property, it's usually a day or two, I would recommend doing a walkthrough of the property and making sure that everything that you're supposed to get under the contract is there and that all of the appliances are in good working order.

Onscreen: Marla, Homebuyer

Description: Marla, Homebuyer is sitting in sofa at her home and speaking.

Marla: When I did my final walkthrough I turned the furnace on for a little while; turn the air conditioner on for a little while. Turn the dishwasher on. Does it work? Turn the stove on. Does it heat up? Things like that. Try all the light switches. What does this switch do? What does that switch do?

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Description: Stefan is sitting at dining table and speaking.

Onscreen: Stefan, Homebuyer

Stefan: My wife and I, we were so excited to get into our apartment that we weren't very meticulous in our final walkthrough. There was some paint that needed to be redone and they gave us an apartment without a doorbell. If we had just asked the seller to take care of those things, it would have been on their dime; but because we'd already moved in, it became our responsibility.

Julie: If there is a beautiful antique chandelier in the living room and the seller would like to take it with them when they leave they may do so.

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Julie: So it's possible that the purchaser might not realize that they're not getting this beautiful, antique chandelier until immediately before the closing. And if the purchaser thinks they're entitled to this, that can raise some disputes, which come about at the closing usually.

Description: Some animation is playing while Julie is speaking.

Julie: The way it works in general is whatever you close on is what you get. So I would always recommend immediately before a closing that a purchaser walkthrough and know exactly what they're buying.

Onscreen: Final walk-through

  • Your last chance to inspect your new home
  • Make sure everything works and is as you expected
  • Inconsistencies can still be negotiated

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