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For your clients looking to buy a new home


For your clients seeking mortgage assistance

  • After your clients have completed their forms:

Review their documents for common errors.

Send current, time-sensitive documents, such as pay stubs and bank statements.

Let them know that a Customer Assistance Specialist will be assigned to work with you both every step of the way.

Make sure you have a completed Third Party Authorization (PDF) form that authorizes Chase to speak to a third party about a client’s account.

Send all documents at one time.

  • Status Updates

At any time, you and your clients can call your Customer Assistance Specialist and check the status of their application. They can also check through the Loan Modification Center (PDF).

  • Hope LoanPort®

You can submit a client’s mortgage assistance application through the Hope LoanPort®. Learn more »

  • The Hardest Hit Fund

Designed and administered at the state level, these government programs are customized specifically to address the housing issues that affect each state. Learn more »


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