2013 Mortgage Relief Settlement

We’re here to help homeowners and homebuyers

As part of our recent settlement with the Department of Justice, we’re providing approximately $4 billion in relief to our customers. This is in addition to the ongoing financial help we’ve been offering our current mortgage customers and new homebuyers who may be facing financial hardship.  

If you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments:

Call us at 1-866-550-5705. We’ll help you complete your Mortgage Assistance Application that includes the necessary forms and lists the financial documents. Once we have all the information, we’ll contact you within 30 days to let you know which mortgage assistance options you’re eligible for that will help make your payments more affordable or avoid foreclosure. These options may include:

  • Mortgage modification—changes the terms of your mortgage loan to lower your monthly payment amount or interest rate.
  • Selling the home for less than you owe—allows you to sell the home and pay off a portion of your principal balance when you owe more money on your mortgage loan than the home is worth.
  • Releasing the property—transfers the ownership of the property to us if this is a first mortgage loan.
  • Reinstatement—allows you to pay the total amount you owe, in one lump sum payment, by a specific date. 
  • Repayment plan—allows you to pay back part of your past-due amount with your regular monthly payments over an extended period of time.
  • Forbearance plan—gives you the opportunity to make reduced mortgage payments or stop making payments for a specific period of time.

Call us
We understand circumstances change. And we realize you may find yourself unable to make a payment each month. That’s why we’re here—to help you through this time. Even if you’ve applied before, call us right away at 1-866-550-5705. There’s a Customer Assistance Specialist ready—and together we’ll help you understand your options.  

If you’re purchasing a new home or interested in refinancing your loan:

Call one of our Mortgage Bankers today at 1-877-835-3019 for more information. Existing homeowners can see if they can take advantage of refinancing opportunities.


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por favor llame al 1-866-550-5705.