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Deposit checks using
the Chase Mobile® app

Why drive to the bank when you can deposit your check Footnote  (Opens Overlay) using the Chase Mobile app? Chase QuickDeposit lets you deposit checks almost anytime, anywhere with the ease of taking a picture. Just point, click and deposit.

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Chase QuickDeposit
is easy

Select an account. Pick the account you're depositing to and enter the check amount.

Photograph your check. Take a picture of both sides of your endorsed check with your mobile device's camera, following the on-screen instructions.

Verify your check. Check the info on the Verification screen and then click Submit. We'll confirm that the check is being processed.

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More convenient

24/7 access. You can deposit checks on your schedule, virtually anytime and anywhere. No need to worry about going to the bank during branch hours.

Save your time. Chase QuickDeposit means you don't need to make a trip to the bank. Skip the deposit slips, lines, and ATMs. Funds deposited by 11 PM ET are generally available the next business day.


It's secure

Your deposit is as secure as depositing checks at Chase ATMs or Branches. Check images are not saved on your device. Your account information, which you can only access with your Chase Online User ID and Password, stays secure.

Check retention guidelines. After you complete your transaction, write “deposited” and the date of deposit on the face of the check. Retain the marked check for one week after your deposit, and then destroy it.


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