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Women & Money


On Screen: Women & Money
Preparing for a Secure Future.


On Screen: Katherine Roy, Chief Retirement Strategist, J.P. Morgan

Katherine Roy Women today are clearly very involved in the financial decision making of their households. However, men and women make different financial decisions. Women tend to orient to cash-flow (Call out: Women: cash-flow-based decisions) based-decisions, where is their income going – and men tend to (Call out: Men: investment decisions) focus on investment decisions.
(Chart: Who’s Making The Financial Decisions in American Households?) This research suggests that there’s clearly room for women to grow in their financial decision-making – particularly as it relates to investments.

Divider Slide: Setting the Stage

Katherine Roy: Women tend to outlive men. Our life expectancy of an average 65 year old today is well past 85. So, the first is – we live long. The second is – we, over the course of our careers, (Chart: The cost of care giving) we don’t work as many years as men, so recent studies suggest that women work about 75% of the time because we tend to take time off to care for others.

Divider Slide: Getting On The Same Page

Katherine Roy: If you’re married, getting on the same page with your spouse as to what you’re trying to accomplish is something that’s really important. (Infographic: <50% of couples agree on retirement issues) We know that less than 50% of American couples agree on retirement, when they’re going to retire, how they’re going to spend their time in retirement. And it’s not only establishing what the goals are – whether it’s retirement, college, but it’s also the relative priority of those goals. (Call out: Prioritize your goals) What is most important to you both over time in terms of where you’re going to prioritize your savings but also your investment strategies as well?

Divider Slide: Preparing For A Secure Future

Katherine Roy: I think there are four key takeaways women need to be thinking about. The first is to take a seat at the table (Call out: 1. Take a seat at the table) as soon as you possibly can and really be informed about the investment decisions that you are making as a household. (Call out: 2. Having a Plan Is A Must – It’s your roadmap) Two, it’s to have a plan. Make sure you have a roadmap, you know where you’re going, and why you’re making the investment decisions you are. (Call out: 3. Make the most of opportunities) Three is to make the most of various opportunities that present themselves. Whether they are tax strategies or investment strategies, it really is important to maximize how much you’re saving and how hard it is working for you over time. (Call out: 4. Maintain your plan) And then lastly, maintain your plan and make sure that you are updating and revising it.

Divider Slide: Looking Ahead – Good News for the Next Generation

Katherine Roy: One of the most exciting things, I think, for the future is related to millennial women. (Chart: Women are Becoming More Educated) They are the most educated of any generation. They are working earlier in their careers (Call out: Working earlier, having families later) and having families later. Which means that we know that they are going to have more earnings over the course of their careers should they remain in the work force. And, I think lastly they are saving to a greater degree, which is great. (Call out: Saving More) A dollar saved in your 20s is hugely valuable in terms of what it’s going to provide to you in retirement. (Chart: Three positive trends among millennial women) So I think the combination of their income, their college education and also their savings habits, there are some really positive trends that we can see from millennial women, in particular.

On Screen: J.P. Morgan

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