Annuities & Life Insurance

Chase partners with high-quality insurance providers to give you access to a variety of annuities.

To help reinforce their retirement plans, many investors add annuities to their portfolios. With uncertainties such as market performance, inflation rates and your longevity factoring in to your plan, annuities can give you a way to help ensure a stream of income after you've retired.

There are two types of annuities—fixed and variable.

A fixed annuity offers a guaranteed rate of return for a specified length of time. A variable annuity offers several features, including the opportunity for guaranteed income that you can't outlive, at an additional cost.


Life insurance can help you ensure that your loved ones are covered financially in the event that your income suddenly stops upon your untimely death. We offer two types of life insurance—term and permanent.

Term insurance is designed to provide protection for a limited time period. Permanent insurance is structured to provide lifetime protection and comes in several varieties, including universal life, variable universal life, whole life, and single premium.


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