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You can save time and money by setting up direct deposit today. Direct deposit is an easy way to gain quick access to your income, whether it's your paycheck, Social Security or another source such as a pension or retirement plan.

Your paycheck. Download form
Check to be sure your employer offers direct deposit. If so, turn in the completed form to your employer. It can take up to 3 pay periods after you turn in the form for your direct deposit to start.

Other income. Download form
This form is for income such as retirement or pension plans, dividends, interest and investment income. Provide the completed form to the appropriate organization.

U.S. government income. Complete formThird party site icon. Click to read on-page 
This form is for government benefits or other income such as Social Security or military pay. Talk to a banker today to help you set it up.

Looking for your routing and account number?
You can find them by clicking on the See routing/account numbers link on the My Accounts page.


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