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About the Program
What are Chase Bonus Offers?
How do I open a Chase Debit Card?
How do I open a Chase Liquid Card?
Is there any cost for participating in Chase Bonus Offers?
How can I get additional information?
Earn Cash Back
How do I earn cash back?
What is a qualifying purchase?
When can I start earning cash back?
How can I earn more cash back?
How do I find out how much cash back I've earned?
When will cash back be reflected on my Chase checking account or Chase Liquid Card statement?
I made a purchase without using my PIN on March 30. Why wasn't it included in my March cash back?
I've noticed a discrepancy in my Bonus Offer spend total, and the cash back I thought I should have earned.
What happens if I make a return?
Why was my pending cash back forfeited?
Your Chase Debit Card or Chase Liquid Card Activity
Can I view my Chase Debit or Chase Liquid Card and cash back earned on Chase.com?
How do I redeem the cash back I earn with my Chase Debit or Chase Liquid Card?
Canceling Program Participation
Can I cancel my participation in Chase Bonus Offers?
Is my information secure?
What are cookies, and does the Chase Bonus Offers website use them?
Your Password
What are my user ID and password to view my Bonus Offers?
Why is password security important?
Customer Service
What happens if my card is lost or stolen?
What if I have additional questions about Chase Bonus Offers?