Savings Calculator

You can save money by transferring balances with higher interest rates to a credit card with a lower rate. Use the simple calculator below to find out how much you could save.

For each of your higher rate cards, enter the amount you want to transfer, the current interest rate, the length of time the balance transfer rate is active and any applicable fees1. Click “Calculate Savings” when you're done.
:  %
:  months
                       Transfer         Current                     Transfer                         Savings
                       Amount            Rate                           Fee1                             per Card
Card 1  $  %         $                         $0.00
Card 2  $  %         $                         $0.00
Card 3  $  %         $                         $0.00
Total transfer amount: $0.00                              Total savings2 would be: $0.00
1 Review your Cardmember Agreement or log into your account to view available offers for applicable fees.

2 Total savings shown are based on the duration of your balance transfer rate and includes the difference in the total simple interest charges between the higher APR you entered and the reduced Balance Transfer APR, assuming constant balances, minus the transfer fee. Your actual Savings may be different based on your payment and other balances.