Investing With Your HSA

Investing With Your
Health Savings Account

The Health Savings Account (HSA) Investment Service is one of the most important features of the Chase HSA. Once your HSA account balance reaches the required minimum amount (typically $2,000), you can apply for an HSA Investment Account online via the HSA website.

Your initial transfer from your Cash Account to the HSA Investment Account will be deposited into the JPMorgan Prime Money Market Fund. From then on, you can choose to transfer funds into any of the other mutual funds available. In addition, you have the option to set up Automatic Investing – regularly scheduled transfers from your HSA Cash Account to your HSA Investment Account.


When you save and invest through a Chase HSA:

  • Your money can grow tax-free.
  • You can transfer money between your HSA Cash and HSA Investment Account at any time, either as needed or with the Automatic Investing feature to make transfers based on balance or schedule.
  • There are no fees for online trading in the HSA Investment Account.Footnote  (Opens Overlay)
  • Choose from a selection of mutual funds that has been designed to satisfy varied investment objectives and investment time horizons.
  • All mutual funds are available at net asset value with no front- or back-end load or investment minimums.
  • You can set elections so that all future investments follow the asset allocation plan that meets your personal investment objectives.

Access on the Web

You can access your account via the secure Chase HSA website any time or call us to speak to a dedicated registered representative.

On the HSA member website you can:

  • Buy, sell, or exchange mutual funds
  • Set elections that will direct future investments to the mutual fund(s) of your choice
  • Review your mutual fund balances by fund type
  • See your trading history

Transfers to Your Cash Account

If you need to pay for medical expenses with your HSA Cash Account but are short on funds, you can redeem funds from your HSA Investment Account and conduct a transfer back to your Cash Account. Transfer requests that are received and accepted before 3:30 PM Eastern time will be posted to your account the next business day.

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Automatic Investing

Once your HSA Investment Account is open, you have the option of setting up one of two types of automatic transfers:

  • Auto-Sweep - Automatically transfer funds to your HSA Investment Account when your HSA Cash Account balance exceeds a specified threshold. This is ideal if you want to set aside a certain amount for planned expenses.
  • Recurring Transfer - Assign an amount and a schedule for automatic transfers from your HSA Cash Account to your HSA Investment Account. You can set up transfers to be bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly.
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Calculate Your Contribution

Calculate your maximum annual contribution amount, tax savings and more.

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