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Meet Rohan Amin, Chief Product Officer

by Rohan Amin

January 1 — 3 min read

Welcome to Next At Chase – I’m happy you’re here!

As the Chief Product Officer of Chase, I lead product, design, data and analytics teams across all lines of business. I also lead digital, including the Chase Mobile App and Chase Online, for the bank’s more than 60 million digitally active customers.

How I actually explain my job to my family and friends: Along with my partner in crime, Chief Information Officer Gill Haus, I get to oversee how all of these areas come together to solve customer problems and create world-class experiences for nearly half the households in the U.S.

This also means that my day-to-day can vary greatly—some days I may be digging into experimentation results, other days I may be brainstorming how to accelerate our data modernization journey, and still on other days I may be thinking about what’s next for our mobile app.

I was immediately drawn to working at Chase because our work affects tens of millions of people in a very personal way — how they make the most of their money. And that mission doesn’t stop with traditional financial products—our growing travel, rewards, and offers businesses have the same purpose. This ability to have an immediate impact—on a daily basis— gives my team and I a strong sense of purpose. 

Another part of my day-to-day: ensuring we have a winning culture in Product & Experience. This is a huge organization with lots of moving parts, so it’s important that we maintain clear channels of communication. I pride myself on being a transparent leader and encourage information to be shared freely.  I also pride myself on creating a safe space for us to grow as a product, design, and data organization – making sure everyone is empowered to try new ways of working, thinking, and even failing fast when necessary. 

A little bit about how I got here: I’m an engineer at heart. Before shifting to the product side of things, I served as the Chief Information Officer for Chase, overseeing all of our technology teams and co-leading building the foundation for a product operating model and agile software development. I also served as the Global Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technology Controls Officer for JPMorgan Chase more broadly, fortifying the cyber defenses of the firm and developing a world-leading information security team.

I came here in 2014 from Lockheed Martin, where I ran their Global Cybersecurity Solutions division. But my tech journey goes back even further than that — after receiving my Bachelor of Science in Computer and Telecommunications Engineering and Master of Science in Telecommunications and Networking from the University of Pennsylvania, I received a doctoral degree in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering from George Washington University. Engineering will always be a passion of mine – I currently sit on the Technical Advisory Board for Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

I have been fortunate enough to participate in some truly transformational change here at Chase and have seen our organization grow to become an even more talented, cohesive, agile team that’s ready to take on the biggest challenges of the future. What will we do next at Chase? You’re about to find out.

Rohan Amin