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FAQs for business

Transitioning to EMV

Why should I invest in chip card acceptance now?

Preventing the growth of card-present fraudulent activity is one of the main reasons the industry is moving toward EMV technology. Chip cards make it difficult for criminals to target cardholders and businesses alike. As a result, more and more chip cards are being introduced by U.S. financial institutions in order to support and switch over to this technology.

What other incentives are there to accept chip cards?

In addition to the reduction of fraud and related chargebacks, there are other cost savings associated with EMV acceptance. The payment brands are doing their part to ensure that chip-bearing customers can pay at chip-enabled businesses. For example, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express have all issued upcoming rules and guidelines for processors and businesses to support EMV chip technology. The Payment Brands have introduced programs that waive a business’s annual PCI-DSS audit if 75 percent of the respective payment brand specific transactions are processed through a dual contact and contactless EMV certified device. It is important to understand that EMV doesn’t limit your PCI scope, but EMV can help you address the PCI requirements.

Will I still be able to accept traditional credit and debit cards?

Our EMV solutions have a magnetic stripe swipe reader, and you can continue to accept payment cards that are not chip-enabled.

During this transition period, U.S. card issuers are expected to issue cards with both an embedded chip and a magnetic stripe. Including both payment methods gives businesses the time they need to upgrade their equipment. In turn, both businesses and their customers can continue to transact without interruption as EMV rolls out.

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