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Chase Pay eCard FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an eGift Card?

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An eGift Card is an electronic version of a merchant gift card. It’s subject to the merchant’s terms & conditions. Chase Freedom, Sapphire & J.P. Morgan credit cardmembers can use the Chase Pay app to redeem Ultimate Rewards® points for eGift Cards to use at participating merchants.

How do I create an eGift Card?

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You can create an eGift Card in the Chase Pay app by going to "Manage" and tapping "Rewards."

Is there a limit to the amount of eGift Cards I can redeem for using Chase Pay?

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Chase and participating merchants reserve the right to set and enforce limits to the number and cash value of eGift Cards for which you can redeem points in a given time period.

How do I make a payment using an eGift Card?

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Tap the “Pay” button and swipe through your payment cards until you see your eGift Cards. Then, tap to open it and show the cashier the code. After the cashier scans the code, tap the back arrow to close it.

How can I see my eGift Card's terms & conditions?

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You’ll have the chance to see the merchant’s terms & conditions before you create an eGift Card. Once it’s created, you can review the terms & conditions at any time by choosing that eGift Card.

What happens if I return something I bought using my eGift Card?

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Returns are subject to the merchant’s return policy.

Can I send someone an eGift Card?

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At this time, you can only create eGift Cards in Chase Pay for yourself.

How much will I get when I redeem my Ultimate Rewards points for an eGift Card?

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When you redeem your points for an eGift Card, you’ll get $1.00 for every 100 points redeemed.