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Payments with Chase Pay FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chase charge a fee to use Chase Pay®?

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No, there’s no charge to use Chase Pay, but message and data rates may apply.

How do I pay using Chase Pay in-store?

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To pay at a participating merchant’s store, sign in to the Chase Pay app with your username and password. Tap the “Pay” button and show the cashier your QR code. If you've linked Chase Pay to Samsung Pay, you can tap "Pay" and then "Pay with Samsung Pay."

How do I use Chase Pay online?

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Choose "Chase Pay" at checkout, sign in and confirm which card you'd like to use for the purchase. After you choose a card, you'll be taken back to the merchant to finish checking out.

How do I pay at a gas station with Chase Pay?

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Tap "Find" to search for a participating gas station. Once you're at the pump, tap "Pay" and choose "Gas."

Can I pay bills or transfer money using Chase Pay?

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To pay bills or transfer money, use the Chase Mobile® app or sign in to

Can I pay using Chase Pay in another app or on a merchant's site?

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You can use Chase Pay at checkout whenever you see the Chase Pay logo online or in a merchant app.

How do I make a return for purchases made with Chase Pay?

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You should save your receipts for the purchases you make with Chase Pay. Returns are subject to the merchant's approval.

What is contactless ATM access?

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Contactless ATM access allows customers to access Chase ATMs using an eligible Chase debit or prepaid card that's been loaded into a Samsung Pay mobile wallet. Once you've successfully loaded your card, you'll no longer need your physical card to make transactions at Chase ATMs.