Military Star® Rewards MasterCard

Military Star® Rewards MasterCard

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Military Star Rewards

Enjoy these great benefits:

  • 2% Cash Back Footnote  (Opens Overlay) Rewards on purchases at the Exchange,, Express Fuel Stations, MWR Merchants and the Commissary Footnote  (Opens Overlay)
  • 1% Cash Back Rewards on purchases everywhere else MasterCard Credit cards are accepted Footnote  (Opens Overlay)
  • Earn unlimited Cash Back rewards with no point expirations Footnote  (Opens Overlay)

Choose How You Want Your Cash Back...

Cash Back as a statement credit or check in any denomination, starting at $20, or use your reward points to deposit cash directly into your Chase bank account, if you have one Military Star Rewards Gift Cards for use at the Exchange Gift Cards for Restaurants, Entertainment & Travel


  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • No Annual Fee
  • 24/7 Military Customer Service
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