Markets and Economy

Markets and Economy

This report outlines the U.S. economic status by quarter and forecasts conditions in the months ahead.

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Latest Markets and Economy Insights


Define Full Employment

As the unemployment rate declines toward the Fed’s goal, some believe we still have a long road to recovery.


Commercial Expansion

Despite a lower estimate for GDP, commercial lending and capital expenditures are on the rise.


Noisy Inflation

The Fed dismisses an uptick in inflation, ending speculation that rising consumer prices may speed up an interest rate hike.


Too Little of a Bad Thing?

Market volatility is so low some investors are beginning to think there’s trouble brewing below a calm surface.


A Durable Demand

Demographic trends are kick-starting new housing, but the demand is very different from years past.


Get Ahead of the Fed

In today’s global economy, are wage increases still a reliable predictor of rising interest rates?


Housing's New Normal

A continuously sluggish housing market may play a new role in the future U.S. economy.


Small-cap Selloff

Small-cap stocks recently fell sharply after a historic run. Is this an omen of what’s to come?


Unemployment's Upside?

The U.S. labor market has a long way to go. But that could be good for businesses.


Dueling Indicators

First-quarter GDP estimates stalled, but job growth remained strong. What does this mean for 2Q?


Why Are Bond Yields So Low?

Find out what’s behind the unusually low yield for U.S. bonds and why it matters.


GDP Reality Check

Second quarter GDP growth is forecasted at a speedy four percent, but that’s not the whole story.


How Much Excess Capacity Actually Exists?

Since the recession, a persistent gap between potential output and real economic growth is making economists uneasy.


Long-term Unemployment Starts to Thaw

As the weather turns a corner, previously discouraged job-seekers are finally starting to pour back into the market.


New Debate in the Fed

Could the Fed’s low-rate policy create asset bubbles? Fed Governor Stein asks if financial stability should be considered.


Spring Time for Capital Goods

A reliable barometer of overall growth, capital spending figures have recently been disappointing. What’s holding them back?


The Unemployable Myth

Is the surplus of U.S. unemployable workers holding the unemployment rate at an artificially high level?


Tackling Unemployment

Progress is being made, but the Fed faces three more obstacles before it will start hiking the over night interest rate


Weekly Market Update

This report details U.S. economic conditions over the past week and offers insight into what's to come.


State and Regional Market UpdatesThese periodic reports focus on the local economies of selected U.S. states and regions.


Senior Economist Jim GlassmanJim provides commentary on economic trends and indicators that affect midsize businesses and organizations. The financial media regularly cite his views.


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