Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Attempts were down, but losses were up.

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Latest Business Strategy Insights


Infographic: Skilled-Trades Gap As manufacturers reshore operations and baby boomers retire, the U.S. is seeing a surge in manufacturing jobs, and employers are finding that applicants lack the necessary talent to fill the positions.


2014 Cybersecurity Survey Results
Over 2,000 U.S. executives shared insights on cybersecurity prevention for their businesses. 


Bridging the Labor Skills Gap A webinar discussing the growing labor skills gap, and how to position your business to find and retain skilled workers in today’s competitive labor market.  


Webinar: Fraud in 2013
Experts discuss the results of the latest AFP Payments Fraud Survey.


State of Social MediaWhat do executives really think about social media?

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The New Normal: HDHPsAre employers finding the right balance?


Keep Fraud in Check The battle against cybercrime is rapidly evolving. We’ve identified a few simple fraud prevention strategies to help protect your clients and business today.


Fool Me Once: Phishing for a Wire TransferFraudsters are using publicly available information from social media to pose as someone you know—a client, a vendor or even a friend. Protect your business with a few preventative measures.


Business Leaders Outlook

Find out what business leaders are optimistic about in 2014.


Payments Fraud SurveyEven with stricter controls and new security advancements, businesses saw an increase in payments fraud in 2013. Find out why.


Q&A with Business Resiliency Expert Joe Rocheleau

Does your business weather hurricanes? Do you have brick and mortar near a fault line or in a flood zone? Senior Manager Joe Rocheleau has explored the “what-ifs” of business resiliency for more than 25 years. Learn his tricks of the trade, and how to prepare your business for whatever may come.


Inefficient OvertimeAmericans are working longer hours, but production growth is slowing. What does this post-recession paradox mean for businesses?


Are Businesses Becoming More Sustainable?

Does going green give businesses a competitive edge? Find out what U.S. executives have to say about the impact sustainability measures have on their businesses.


Trouble Finding Talent?Find out what more than 2,000 U.S. executives around the nation are doing to improve their talent acquisition and retention.


Scaling for Growth in the Middle Market

In the first installment of the Kellogg-Chase “Growth in Middle-Market Companies” series, Kellogg Professor Mike Mazzeo highlights four guidelines that can help executives develop effective strategies to scale their business.


Patient Payment Optimization

Read our three-part series on optimizing payment services.


2013 Chase Business Leaders Outlook

Our recent survey reveals a sense of cautious optimism.


Payment Cards: a Webinar

Expert James Lock leads a webinar on best practices for payment cards.


Payments Fraud and Internet Crime

Join us for a webinar led by James Lock, payments expert, designed to discuss the key trends in payments fraud and digital crime, and highlight the best solutions for combating all its forms.


Mitigating Payments Fraud Risk: Best Practices

To protect against payments fraud, your organization should have fraud detection and prevention strategies in place.


Payments Fraud: Down but Not Out

Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) survey reveals that trends are changing. Find out the latest types and frequencies of payment fraud, as well as best practices for dealing with these future trends.


Energy Performance Contracting

Many organizations are turning to energy performance contracting to accelerate their energy efficiency programs.



A faceless threat that affects individuals, organizations and governments worldwide, cybercrime is a multibillion-dollar industry whose perpetrators are increasingly well-organized, sophisticated and transnational.