Check Collections

When it comes to check processing and check collection, you have different needs—from varied deposit schedules to differences in the volume of checks that require processing. Regardless of your collection and processing needs, Chase has a solution that can help you accelerate your cash-flow cycle and manage it more efficiently.


Lockbox Processing

Our wholesale and retail lockbox solutions help minimize the time and expense required to process payments. Using the latest in web- and image-enabled technologies, we can customize solutions to help you manage a variety of incoming payment types.

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Chase QuickDeposit
Chase QuickDeposit is available on Chase Commercial OnlineSM or as a standalone product. To learn more, watch our demo or contact your Commercial Banker.

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As the originator of the lockbox, we’ve continually expanded our solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. For instance, you can combine our lockbox solutions with Receivables EdgeSM, our image-enabled web portal that helps you consolidate all your receivable information in a single location.

With Chase, you can:

  • Consolidate check processing with a single-source solution.
  • Expedite delivery of nationwide deposits with reliable UPS® special handling.
  • Reduce administrative time and costs.
  • Capitalize on same-day settlement from a large number of banks.
  • Choose the service options that fit your processing needs.

Remote Check Deposit

If you process your own checks, rely on a third party or electronically consolidate deposits from multiple locations, you face growing costs, risks and inefficiency. It’s critical that you look for new ways to accelerate funds availability, simplify deposits and gain more control over collections. Chase has several solutions to help meet your specific check processing needs.


Image Cash Letter

This check deposit solution allows you to create images of all of your paper items and send them to us electronically for clearing. As part of this process, Image Cash Letter reviews your check images and accompanying data to determine the optimum clearing method: Automated Clearing House (ACH) or Check 21 channels, such as image exchange or substitute check process.

In addition, because we process a significant number of transactions as on-us items, we can process yours the same way—helping you keep clearing costs down.


Virtual RemitSM

Virtual Remit is a fully integrated remote capture solution built on Receivables Edge, our industry-leading, web-based receivable management service. With Virtual Remit, you can capture and transmit U.S. dollar checks, full-page documents, coupons and envelopes through a single bank-approved scanning device. We provide a scanning device for each operating location and store all images online.

You can consolidate all your remote capture, lockbox, ACH and wire deposits within one central repository. We combine your Virtual Remit transactions with existing lockbox items and workflow. We can also include Virtual Remit deposits in the daily transmission file for an automated, systematic update to your accounts receivable system.


Chase QuickDeposit or Image Deposit Direct

With Chase QuickDeposit or Image Deposit Direct, you can deposit checks remotely using a scanner. We apply deposits electronically to a checking, savings or money market account and store your transaction history online. You gain anytime access to account information, while reducing paperwork and cutting down on trips to the branch.


To learn more about our check processing solutions,
please contact us or call your Commercial Banker.