Foreign Exchange

With a prominent presence in the currency markets and locations in more than 50 countries, Chase is one of the world’s leading banks in the $3.2-trillion-per-day foreign exchange market. We provide fast, competitive and consistent pricing across a comprehensive range of products.

Chase Foreign Exchange Benefits

  • Global Coverage: With a presence in more than 60 countries and in local U.S. markets, Chase's global foreign exchange team offers comprehensive solutions across 300 currency pairs, 24 hours a day.
  • Lock in exchange rates: On the day you order your foreign payment, we lock in the exchange rate. You know your exact cost in U.S. dollars, and you're protected against losses from fluctuating rates.
  • Avoid hidden expenses: Eliminate the hidden costs and market-fluctuation markups that can accompany foreign bills or invoices quoted in U.S. dollars. We encourage you to ask for both the foreign currency and U.S. dollar payment amounts to see how much you can potentially save.
  • Make timely, secure payments: We send all your international payments to the designated foreign bank, via SWIFT, within two business days. We deduct the U.S. dollar equivalent from your account on the day we send payment to the designated foreign bank.
  • Use smart strategies: We provide access to J.P. Morgan foreign exchange specialists, who can help you control your costs and protect your profit margins with flexible currency risk management products.

To learn more about our international capabilities,
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