Higher Education

Creating a Bright Future

The business of higher education is as dynamic and demanding as that of any Fortune 500 company. Unpredictable enrollment, dependence on government funding, and shrinking endowments can make it difficult to balance budgets and deliver the level of service that students and faculty demand.

Efficiently collecting and processing tuition and fees from students requires robust collection capabilities. At the same time, professors, staff and suppliers depend on your ability to make payments accurately and on time. Add the ongoing need to maximize the value of endowments, investments and other assets, and the business needs can seem overwhelming.

We've been serving colleges and universities across the U.S. for decades. Our dedicated experts understand the unique challenges facing your institution, your faculty and your students.

This deep experience, unmatched by other financial institutions, allows us to deliver products tailored to your specific requirements. Working with product specialists, we can provide efficient banking, treasury, asset management, foreign exchange and credit solutions. We can help you improve your ability to collect and maximize tuition and fees, manage documents, finance equipment, fund initiatives and enhance your educational offering.


Products and Services

  • Treasury management: Collect tuition, fees and other payments from students more quickly by supporting their preferred payment methods. Use our secure check and electronic payment solutions to improve accuracy, efficiency and control. Our online tools, accounting controls and reporting and fraud-prevention capabilities help ensure precise, on-time payments.
  • Investment management: Consult with J.P. Morgan product specialists, who can help you maximize cash balances and endowment assets through flexible investment vehicles that align with your short- and long-term goals and your desired exposure to risk.
  • Credit services: Gain access to efficient and dependable short-term financing to bridge the gap between tuition collection and long-term financing for capital projects on campus.
  • International services: Reduce the cost of managing overseas educational programs and control exposure to foreign currency fluctuations through our global foreign exchange services. Use our integrated reporting and fraud-control tools to issue accurate, secure payments from your overseas institutions.

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