Government Equipment Financing

Communities nationwide are experiencing budget constraints as costs continue to rise more rapidly than revenues. Cities, school districts and other government authorities can partner with Chase Equipment Finance to acquire the technology and equipment they need to serve their constituents. We structure our comprehensive products to achieve your organization's financial objectives and support your community. For state and local governments, public agencies and school districts, these solutions are compelling options.

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Industry Involvement

We are proud members of the Association for Governmental Leasing & Financing.

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Specialty Areas

  • Energy management: Our equipment finance experts maintain strong relationships with leading energy services companies and have experience financing a range of energy upgrades.
  • Helicopters: Chase can finance helicopters to support the safety of your community.
  • Information technology: Chase provides financing options for computers, routers, servers, telecommunications equipment and other IT equipment to keep your staff current and connected.


Solutions for Government

Solution Description
Tax-exempt lease purchase agreement
  • Gives a government client the ability to finance essential-use equipment on a tax-exempt basis
  • Client owns the equipment; Chase takes a security interest
  • Typically subject to annual appropriation
Taxable lease purchase agreement
  • When a transaction doesn't qualify for tax-exempt treatment, a taxable structure may be available

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