Sustainable Treasury Management: It's Easier than You Think

Created by J.P. Morgan Treasury Services

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Companies around the world understand the long-term threat of global climate change and are working to create carbon-neutral footprints. Increasingly, these environmental leaders begin within their own internal operations and extend their best practices throughout their entire value chains. Internally, they're setting specific targets for greenhouse gas reduction and implementing sustainable
strategies—everything from reducing paper and energy consumption and limiting air travel to investing in "green" projects and participating in carbon offset programs. Externally, they're building environmental performance into their procurement decisions and collaborating with partners and customers to develop resource-efficient practices. In many cases, these green practices create additional value by differentiating these companies with shareholders, customers and business partners.

Several powerful trends are leading treasury operations to embrace a paperless environment.

  • Economic pressures are forcing many companies to tighten their belts, find new ways to lower operational costs and fund more projects internally rather than through the credit markets.
  • Growing transaction volume, expanding global networks, accelerating the speed of business, limiting resources, expanding responsibilities and increasing collaboration with other internal departments all open the door to electronic solutions.
  • Payments fraud and business continuity are emerging as critical business risks that require careful management.
  • A variety of stakeholders—from customers and business partners to investors—are reexamining their own environmental performance and viewing paper reduction as one way to reduce their environmental footprint. Studies show that the value chain of producing, transporting, printing on and disposing of paper is a carbon-intensive process.

Read the full report (PDF) to learn how your business or organization can reduce your environmental footprint, save money and boost efficiency by going green.

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