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How today’s global economy has elevated the role of freight transit.

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Metro-Trade Trends

See how your city trades with North America.


Metro Freight: The Global Good Trade that Moves Metro Economies

The Global Cities Initiative releases a new report detailing the economic rationale for metropolitan goods trade, describing why, how and what these areas exchange with each other.


Metro-to-Metro: Goods Trade in Metropolitan America

A Global Cities Initiative paper that marks the first time metropolitan areas can begin to explore their place in domestic and global goods trade networks.


Export Nation

A joint project of Brookings and JPMorgan Chase, Export Nation is a report on how U.S. exports played an outsized role in the post-recession economic recovery—with a look at the goods and services traded from the 100 largest U.S. metro areas to the rest of the world.


Supporting Economic Growth through Global Engagement

As governments around the world enter an era of austerity, with limited funding for the investments that drive growth, city and metropolitan leaders are faced with the immense challenge of identifying innovative ways to create and grow jobs.


Globalization of U.S. Higher Education and Emergence of the Overseas Branch CampusGlobalization is having a profound impact on U.S. higher education as the world continues to shrink and international barriers continue to fall.


Centralization vs. Shared Service Centers

It may be possible to access the same benefits of a shared service center by centralizing common treasury functions within one bank or a few key banks.


Cross-Border Asset-Based LendingExplore the advantages and challenges for your business in leveraging Cross-Border Asset-Based Lending.


Are Europe and Japan That Different from the U.S.?Head economist Jim Glassman shows how the developed economies are more similar than the mainstream media lets on.


Considerations for U.S. Businesses in BrazilFor growth strategies in emerging markets, don’t ignore Brazil.


Ten Traits of Globally Fluent Metro AreasThe Global Cities Initiative (GCI) recently released new research entitled “The Ten Traits of Globally Fluent Metro Areas,” which identifies the behaviors that help metro areas be economically successful in a globalizing economy.