Reduce Expenses

It's important for your company to take advantage of every cost efficiency available to promote a healthy bottom line. Even small changes to the way you issue payments could streamline cash management tasks and save your company thousands of dollars annually.


Use Direct Deposit to Pay Your Employees

According to the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), a business with 50 hourly and 50 salaried employees could save $19,000 per year by switching to Direct Deposit. Footnote  (Opens Overlay) Chase Commercial OnlineSM offers the Basic Payroll service to help you provide Direct Deposit payments to your employees. Footnote  (Opens Overlay)

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Chase Dual ControlSM

Help reduce fraud by requiring additional approvals for your transactions.

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Basic Payroll: Footnote  (Opens Overlay) Make one-time, future-dated or repeating Direct Deposit payments to an unlimited number of employees.

Basic Payroll
Number of employees Unlimited
Payroll accounts Unlimited
Direct Deposit Offered
Product support Online call center
Online reference guides

Pay Your Vendors Online

Research shows that electronic payments can save companies almost 12 cents per payment versus paying with checks. Footnote  (Opens Overlay) With Chase Commercial Online, you have multiple options for sending electronic payments.

Online Bill Payments ACH Payments Wire Transfers
Payment method Electronic or paper Electronic Electronic
Delivery time 2–5 business days 1–2 business days 1 business day domestic, generally up to 3 business days international
Eligible recipients Anyone with a U.S. mailing address Anyone with a U.S. bank account Both U.S. and international recipients with an eligible bank account

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