Online Banking Security

Chase takes online fraud seriously and has a dedicated Security Center with information, resources and educational materials for your review and consideration.

If you forget to log out from Chase Commercial OnlineSM, we'll end your session after a few minutes of inactivity. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your financial data. When you log out, we automatically clear any Chase Commercial Online webpages from the browser's memory to prevent anyone else from seeing webpages you accessed during your session.

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Chase Dual ControlSM

Help reduce fraud by requiring additional approvals for your transactions.

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We use secure technology to encrypt your personal information over the Internet, and layered security controls to help protect against unauthorized activity.

You must take online fraud seriously, too. The tips and guidelines below can help you enhance your company's online security and reduce your risk of fraud. Please review the information below and listen to our QuickBytes audio programs for more information.


If you receive a questionable email: Please forward it to

If you think your account has been compromised: Please contact the Chase Commercial Online Service Center or contact your client service representative.

Please use online security services and monitor your company's risk frequently. We hold Chase Commercial Online clients liable for the actions of their System Administrator and other authorized users, unauthorized transactions authenticated with the security procedure (as specified in the Chase Commercial OnlineSM Access and Services Agreement), and for not following Chase's recommended administrative procedures (such as Chase Dual Control). Footnote  (Opens Overlay) Also, please be aware that the Federal Reserve Board Regulation E (providing consumers with certain protections) is not applicable to Commercial Banking customers, including customers using Chase Commercial Online.


To learn more about Chase Commercial Online,
please contact us or call your Commercial Banker.