Are you interested in developing a better budget and savings plan? Do you want to buy a home, set up a college fund, save for retirement? Are you looking for ways to improve your overall wealth?

Download the Personal Financial Management workbook, which provides information on building assets and personal wealth through disciplined budgeting, saving, and investing.



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We all know how difficult it is to earn a living. But saving money and creating wealth can be even more complex, especially when bills and expenses are factored into the equation. Setting a goal, such as owning a home or sending your child to college, is the first step towards building financial wealth.

This workbook will take you through the necessary steps in setting financial goals, devising a budget, following a savings plan, and understanding the different types of investment options available, namely stocks, bonds, mutual funds, treasury securities, and IRAs. Also included in this workbook are tips on how to reduce spending and build savings through special purpose savings plans (Individual Deposit Accounts), as well as information on the Earned Income Tax Credit.

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