What's your dream? A new car, a home of your own, a college education for your children, better management of your personal finances? In this section you will find information that helps bring these goals within reach.

Financial Education Workbooks

Click links below for workbooks in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese.
Basic Banking Principles
Personal Financial Management
Credit/Debt Management
Understanding the Mortgage Process

At Chase, we have developed a series of financial education workbooks, designed to provide essential facts about banking, budgeting, saving, managing credit, obtaining a mortgage, and investing. Together, these guides provide a foundation for sound financial decision-making. Individually, they may be used to review specific financial topics so that you have the facts at your fingertips when you want to open a bank account, develop a budget and savings plan, establish credit, buy a home, or make an investment.

We invite you to explore these financial resources, download the guides, and share them with your friends and family. If you are a member of an organization that is interested in providing financial education in your community, please visit our Facilitator’s contact page to request additional information that can assist you in delivering financial workshops.

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Financial Education Brochures


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