Are you thinking about opening a bank account for the first time but not sure which type of account to choose? Would you like to learn more about ATM/debit cards and how they work?

Download the Basic Banking Principles workbook to obtain many of these answers.



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This workbook introduces the new user to the fundamentals of banking and bank accounts.

Banks offer important products and services that enable customers to safely and conveniently make deposits, withdraw or transfer funds, pay bills and access credit. Once you understand your financial needs, you can more readily decide whether you should open an account and the type of account most appropriate for you.

This workbook presents information regarding the benefits of bank accounts, as well as tips on shopping around for an account that will best suit your needs. You will learn about savings accounts, checking accounts and Individual Deposit Accounts - special savings accounts that help you save for a home, college, job training, or a start-up business. You will also find information on check writing, making deposits, utilizing ATM and debit cards, and managing your checking account.

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